Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Biology Physical/Chemicalchanges lab 10/14/15


1. What did you observe as the candle burned?  What was left after the candle burned?
2. What did you observe as the paper burned?   What was left after the paper burned?
3. What did you observe when you added the salt to the water in the test tube and shook it?  What did you observe when the silver nitrate was added to the salt water?
4. What did you observe when the hydrochloric acid was added to the magnesium metal?



1. Identify each of the following as either a physical change or chemical change. Give a reason for your answer.
a. Melting candle wax
b. Burning a candle
c. Tearing paper
d. Burning paper
e. Dissolving table salt
f. Mixing salt water and silver nitrate
g. Cutting a piece of magnesium ribbon
h. Adding hydrochloric acid to magnesium metal
2. Describe two observations you might make when a physical change occurs.

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