Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Biology sept 30th,2015

Study for measurement test.

Measurement labs due Tuesday, 10?6/2015

DON’T forget to record observations of data collection.

This section should include a graph of the data (mass on the y-axis & volume on the x-axis), the formula for density, show at least one example of the math you did when calculating density and answer the following questions. Hint you will want to convert measured μL – mL to answer the questions
  1. Check your accuracy for the measurement lab; calculate percent error for the average of your three trials?  

Percent error = (measured average density – 1g/ml)  . 100%

  1. What is the accuracy for the average of all trials by your group?
  2. Which measuring device is most accurate?  Explain your answer

Don’t forget to explain what happened?  Restate your question and hypothesis and why you thought it was the best guess.  What do you know about the answer to the question?  How does the data support your answers? i.e.use numeric comparisons to support your answers!  How did human error influence your data?  How could you further/redo this experiment for more accurate results?  What is the social context for this lab? (This should be at least 3 paragraphs)

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