Thursday, November 7, 2013

Bioogy Traits lab guidesheet

Data will be collected in class 11/8 + 11/12;Final  lab write ups wll;; be due Friday/monday 11/15 & 11/18

Traits Lab for District Competency (graphing skills, analysis and predictions)

Back ground:  This partial lab will be used to determine your science competency for the district.  It is expected that you should be able to complete this lab with a score of 70% or higher; scoring below this # in essence suggest that you do not have the skills needed to earn credit for this class.  You may continue to redo this lab until you have a 70% score.  But your grade on the lab for my class will

only change if you earn the passing score by its due date or after the first revision.

Task:  This is a partial lab write up you will need to include the following for your final draft:

  1. Question:  Are dominant or recessive expressions of genetic traits most common in this class?
  2. Hypothesis:  Insert your educated answer to the question here
  3. Data Table:  must be ruled and include any observations that may affect data collection
  4. With observation journal
  5. Analysis:  Using the good graphing rules create a bar graph that compares the # of students that have the dominant or recessive expression of each trait you test.  Questions 1) How would testing the entire 10th grade population affect your answer to the question?  2) Which traits were most commonly affected by environmental factors obscuring the genetic phenotype?
  6. Conclusion:  write your conclusion paragraph.  Restate the hypothesis, use evidence to support your comments, address sources of error and include a next step (social context is not required).

  1. Survey at least 30 people in class for the presence of at least 7 genetic traits.  Coordinate with your group members you may not all test the same traits (no more than 4 can be in common) for each table group.
  2. Describe any variations, environmental changes or other OBSERVATIONS of note that may influence the observance of the trait for each person tested.
    1. Don’t forget to keep track of who you test and any relevant observations about trait expression for each person tested.
  3. Once the data collection process is complete begin the analysis and conclusions.  This part can easily be completed at home.  Use REAL graph paper.

The Lab rubric/grading:

  • I will grade all parts of the Format section
  • Data Manipulation will be x2 pts a score for data tables, graphs and analysis questions
  •  And all of the Conclusion section should be included with all sections (except Logic) worth x2 pts.

Space Between Top Teeth
No Space
Chin Shape
No Cleft
Rolling Tongue in a “U” Shape
Can Roll
Can’t Roll
Tongue Flipping
Can’t Flip
Eye Color
Hand Usage
Hair Color
Not Red
Hair Type
Hair Shade
Freckle Amount
No Freckles
Having Dimples
No Dimples
Hair Line
Widow’s Peak
No Widow’s Peak
Hitchhiker Thumbs
Curved Thumbs
Straight Thumbs
Little Finger “Pinky” Shape
Bent Pinky
Straight Pinky
Fold both hands
Right thumb on top
Left thumb on top
Mid digit hair (knuckles)
Not present




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