Monday, January 28, 2013

Earth Science- Earth Moon Introduction

Earth/Moon Project 2012/2013:  Introduction

You and your fellow group members are going to:

·       Independently research an aspect of the Earth and Moon system (matter, inside, surface, interaction).

·       Cooperatively design and create a unique graphic representation of your text research for the Earth and Moon.

·       Develop skills in varied source research (text, reference, and online) and in cooperative group work.

In class, I will provide activities and other materials to give everyone a general understanding of the main concepts related to each Earth/Moon quadrant for the final exam.  I will provide some class time for project poster production, but group members should exchange phone numbers and/or email addresses for contact outside of class.  Groups will be determined after the Winter break.


An individual grade will be determined for group members based on the completion of their quadrant research notes and a works cited page.  You will have approximately one day in the library for text research and one day in the computer lab for completing research notes and citations.  Focused and productive students might complete all of their research on these days.  I recommend students also use their textbook at home and in most cases students will need to complete research and citations outside of class.

A group grade will be determined by the group’s ability to cooperatively produce a poster/diagram (or other format) of their Earth and Moon research through illustrations, diagrams and tables.  A poster rubric will be provided after research is completed.

ote:  students that do not do the individual research portion of this project will not be able to earn a passing grade on the project!  Cooperating is essential to success, the highest scores always occur when everyone in the group does more than what they are expected. 


Calendar:  (subject to change as needed)

  • Preliminary research (50pts ): 1-2 pages of general back ground info
  • and 5 sources                                                                                                      Due 1/7/2013
  • Majority of quadrant research packet should be illustrated on poster and work     Due week of

cited page: 3 sources, minimum including text book. (50pts)                                  1/28/2012                                                                                  

·       Final poster/revised research & works cited page Deadline                           Due 2/1/2012

·       Individual and Group cooperative grades                                                          Due 2/1/2012

**Works cited  must include a minimum of your text book, two other text sources and two different internet sources, for a minimum total of 5 overall sources!**

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