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Earth science HW/Final guidesheet 5/14/2012

1)  read and take notes on Energy resources, Chapter 26.  Your final will be based on this material.

FINAL = Energy Sympossium

Energy Resource Conference 2012- Orth

  1. In groups of 3 you will conduct online AND textbook research on an energy resource to determine at minimum the environmental and economic pros/cons in using that energy resource.  After thoroughly researching the issue you will
    • create a poster as described below
    • give a 2-5 min group presentation that summarizes the pros & cons of the environmental/economic issues related to your energy resource.
    • Your group members will conduct basic research on the other energy resources being presented in class and create at least one question for every other group presenting.
    • use evidence from your research to support answers to questions asked about your energy resource.

  1. Poster, poster should have each of the following to earn more than 70% (200 CW/HW pts group grade). 
·         <70%-Diagram of how the energy resource is used to produce electricity.
·         Summary of the three most important environmental AND economic pros/cons
·         <80%-Legislation and/or Societal impact
·         <90%-Include relevant clear images of at least three additional interesting facts, statistics, graphs, comparisons… for your energy resource in addition to the summary above. 
·         Attention to detail should include an easy to read clearly printed summaries, accuracy of information, works cited and diagrams that use color/keys.
·         Divide up the work I will observe you in participation on all aspects of the conference and grade you based only on what I see.  You will need to do work outside of class, but I grade on what I see in class!

  1. Questions: (100 pt CW/HW individual grade)
 Your group will need to prepare questions for each of the other groups about how their energy resource CONS will affect the environment, health and economy.   Each member of your table must think of two questions minimum  that can be asked of the other energy resource groups.  Divide up the other groups so that your group does not ask any one other group more than two questions.  No credit for any questions that can be answered yes or no.
·         Do not ask any questions that can be answered with a yes or a no. 
·         Use other group’s posters and prior research on other topics to come up with powerful questions.  I will award bonus points for powerful thought out questions.
·         I will deduct points for: questions asked that are obviously answered on by looking at their poster or were presented during the group summary.

Conference Format     (200 Test/quizes pts.- group grade). 

  1. 5 Minute Introduction your group should present how the energy source produces electricity and summarize the PROS of the Energy resource.  No questions may be asked, yet, and the maximum five-minute time limit will be enforced.
  2. Questions: all conference members will take turns asking their pre-generated questions about the cons of other group’s energy resource.  The group asked a question will have 30 seconds MAX. to devise an answer supported by evidence from your research. 
  3. Repeat process until every student participating has asked at least one question.
  4. Free form questions any remaining time will be used to ask pre-generated questions or new questions about any of the energy resources pro or con.  Students that answer with evidence and well thought powerful questions will earn extra credit. I will deduct points for repeat questions, yes/no answers, asking something obviously present on the poster

Group Grade at Conference

Energy Resource Debate

Participation:  Did all group members contribute equally?

Visual:  Did the poster legibly include the EQ and POVs as graphic representations of the issue?

POV Content:  Were there at least pro and con sides represented by the group?

Research:  Did the group present their Energy resource with real world examples?

Technical:  did the ethical issue appear to have been researched thoroughly, organized into POVs, and in general understood by the group?

Presentation skills did group members maintain eye contact, clarity, pacing

Engagement:  was the audience inspired to know more and ask questions?

Civility:  were group members respectful towards each other?
Were group members respectful towards other groups?

Day one =  research energy resources electricity production and environmental/economic
pros/cons for your E resource.  Use textbook at home.
Day two = Additional research on other E resources being presented.  Use textbook at home.
Day three = Create/Finish posters, gallery walk and create questions for other groups;
Day four= E resource Conference day

For those of you who read the whole handout, enjoy a head start on the Energy resource topics.  Some of these resources may not be in your textbook, which will require you to conduct more Online research then you will have time for in class (=HW).
--natural gas                     
--nuclear fission               
--nuclear fusion                

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