Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Earth Science 2/8/2012

Finish analysis and conclusion paragraph into your notebook for the Percent of Oxygen in air lab.


1.     Would the same result for the percentage of oxygen in air be obtained if a larger test tube was used? A larger candle?
2.     Why does the water rise in the test tube as the candle goes out?
3.     Nitrogen is the other major component of air (78.1%). What property of nitrogen have you discovered as a result of this experiment?
4.     How much oxygen is present in 5 L of air?

Critical Thinking and Application

1.     Why is oxygen such an important part of the earth's atmosphere?
2.     Based on your observations, what is an effective method of putting out a small fire?
3.     "As the altitude of an area increases, the density of the atmosphere decreases." How can this statement be used to explain why it is more difficult to breathe in Denver, which has an altitude of more than 1500 meters, than in Houston, which is at sea level?

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