Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Biology HW 2/1/2012

Finish rough draft of membranes minilab into your notebook.  It should have Question, Hypothesis, materials, Labled diagram, Observation Journal and ANalysis , including the questions below.  You may write a conclusion for extra credit  but be sure to restate your hypothesis, answer your question with evidence from you observation journal, discuss the effects of error and include a next step.

Analysis Questions:
  • What are the bilayer membranes most like in cell biology?  Monolayer membranes?
  • Describe how this activity is representative of evidence for a possible theory in the origin of life. 
  • Did you notice any of the droplets growing or dividing?  Explain how this might be relevant to the origin of life.
  • What aspects of complete living single cell are missing in this demo?
  • What happened when you added Fe particles?  How might this relate to endosymbiont theory?

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