Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Biology HW 9/21/2011

Test Fridayon Math, Metric and sci method!! Get your notebook checked at tomorrow office hours.

Final labs for Measurement lab ( you should give it a more descriptive title!!) due friday by end of day

Practice test due friday, begining of period.

SCIENCE II: MEASUREMENT TEST V.1 07.08 Name:___________________________ Period: THE FOLLOWING ARE WORTH 20 PTS EACH: 1. To measure
2. Write the metric prefix
3. What is the
4. Which variable is on the X axis of a graph? Which variable for the Y axis?_______________________________________
5. What is
6. How many
7. What is the conversion relation between the
8. Which is longer
9. Add
10. Make an
.006ml of water what specific OHS measuring device would your teacher expect you to use?_______________ centi- as a fraction._______________________________________________________________ metric prefix represented by μ -? ____________________________________________________________ 1.1(10) -9 X 2.1(10)-7?__________________________________________________________________________ decaliters are in 3.5 microliters? ____________________________________________________________ kL and microliter?:______________________________________________ 3 cm or an inch? _____________________________________________________________________ 3 dag to 490 and write the total in grams. ________________________________________________________ inference about your preparedness for the test____________________________________________________ T
For full credit show all dimensional analysis
HE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS ARE FOR 100 PTS EACH: & circle the final answer! 1. Why are metric units easier to use than the English Standard Units?
2. A
Use a specific example to explain your answer. 1.3 cm tall pole bean seedling grows .4 cm per month. How tall is it, in meters, after 1 year? Round answer to the nearest 10th 3. Eating breakfast improves test scores.
4. Given a material with a
5. A G.C. is filled to
Devise a QHT to explore a link between breakfast and test scores. volume of 6.7(10)5 μ, you find the mass of the material to be .603g. What is the density of the material? Circle you calculated density and use the chart to determine the material’s likely name. Make a logical statement about the density for this material compared to the density of water. 0.05 L exactly; I use a micro pipette to extract 499 μ; how many mL are left in the G.C.? Round

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