Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Biology Traits lab guide sheet

Traits Lab;

Task:  This is a partial lab write up you will need to include the following for your final draft:
1.  Question:  Are dominant or recessive expressions of genetic traits most common in this class?
2.  Hypothesis:  Insert your educated answer to the question here
3.  Data Table:  must be ruled and include any observations that may affect data collection
4.  With observation journal
5.  Analysis:  Using the good graphing rules create a bar graph that compares the # of students that have the dominant or recessive expression of each trait you test.  Questions 1) How would testing the entire 10th grade population affect your answer to the question?  2) Which traits were most commonly affected by environmental factors obscuring the genetic phenotype?
6.  Conclusion:  write your conclusion paragraph.  Restate the hypothesis, use evidence to support your comments, address sources of error and include a next step (social context is not required).

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