Thursday, January 29, 2015

Biology Drots activity due th/fr 2/5-6/15

“ Drots ” Pedigree &Analysis Questions

for pegidree:  use diamond shapes to represent each individual in each of the 3 generations: you and your drot partner; your 2 drot children and partner of one of those children and your 2 grand drotsDraw four lines across each diamond , breaking each drot into five lines, each of which you will shade to show the dominant or recessive nature of the 5 Drot traits. include a key as to whether you are shading for dominant or reccessive traits.

1) Draw a pedigree of your Drot and neighbors Drot linage. Show you, neighbor two drotlings, drotling partner and 2 grand drots. Use diamond shapes and subdivide into six regions to shade for the presence of each of your genes. You pick whether you are shading for dominant or recessive trait expression.

2) What are all the possible genotypes for Drot tentacles?

3) What are all the possible phenotypes for Drot tentacles?

4) If you consider tentacles and body type , what are all the possible combinations for phenotypes and genotypes for this pair of gene traits?

5) Considering the three Drot genes on the first chromosome, how many possible phenotype and genotypes are there?

6) How do you know the answer for #5?

7) What other factors could possibly affect the expression of any of these Drot genes??

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