Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Biology Alu PV92 lab write up due 12/17

Due tuesday Dec. 17th

Question: Do I have the Alu insert PV92 on my 16th chromosome; determined through polymerase chain reaction and gel electrophoresis?

Hypothesis:. HINT, ‘kinda’ spelled out in the test!
Test: We will isolate DNA from human cheek cells. We will then amplify a segment of chromosome 16 using PCR. DNA samples will be separated by different sized fragments using gel electrophoresis. Finally, using proper staining methods to make the DNA visible using Ethidium Bromide; we will be able to determine the genotype for the human Alu insert PV92.It will be +,+ (yes, Alu); -,- (no alu), or + ,-(one alu).

You will NOT need to include full materials lists, procedures or diagrams for this lab.
Each of these section headings should be included and followed by “See BABEC/Gene Connection hand outs.”
Data is a Labeled diagram of your DNA photo results after gel electrophoresis and your observation journal.  *Observation Journal is Key here!
Analysis will include a discussion of Possible types of error and how they could have affected your results.
Conclusion as per rubric in paragraph format.
  .conclusion (What happened?  Did you answer question? Did data support or refute hypothesis? Why? How did error influence your results? Next step/societal implications)

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