Thursday, May 1, 2014

Biology 5/1 + 2 Using/Constructing a Key observation and analysis questions

Biology Using/Constructing a Key observation and analysis questions

1. As you used the classification key to identify the salamanders, did you go from general to more specific characteristics or from most specific to more general?
2. What two groupings or taxa do the scientific names of salamanders represent?
3. How was your key like or different from other students?
4. If you were using actual wildflowers, what other characteristics could you use to identify them?

Critical thinking/analysis:
1. Do you think there could be closely related species of organism that cannot be identified using a key? Explain your answer.
2. Why do keys use two choices rather than some other number for each step?
3. What problems might there be if Carolus Linnaeus had never developed his binomial naming system?
4. Explain what is meant by, " Classification systems are the inventions of humans; diveristy is the product of evolution."  

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