Wednesday, October 17, 2012

SQ vs RQ and Questions for wtiting Hypothesis

Group Practice:  are the following SQ or RQ, if it is a research question re-write it as a scientific question.  Everyone should record this practice in their notes.

  1. How do waves travel faster on calm or windy days?
  2. What do hawks around campus eat?
  3. Why do cats have fleas?
  4. Which grade level at OHS litters most?
  5. Which cars in the parking lots are most expensive?
  6. Does the speed of sound change with the weather?

A.     Underline the variables (independent & dependent) in each of the scientific questions you wrote earlier.

B.  For each question use your prior knowledge and experience to come up with an Hypothesis = expected answer to each question and underline the variables

2. Question: How does the amount of energy that hits the Earth in the form of light rays relate to the angle at which those rays strike (latitude)?

3. Question: Does rainfall influence the distribution of different biomes such deserts, grasslands, and forests?        '

4. Question: Does the extinction of a predator species result in a faster rate population growth in the prey species?

5. Question: Is plant cover related to soil erosion?


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