Monday, December 12, 2011

Earth Science

FINAL Project parameters:

be prepared!  Do your preliminary internet research!!

Find at least 3 valid sources for information regarding the life cycles of different types of stars.

Earth Science
Fall 2011
Life Cycle of a Star Final Project

The final for Earth Science is a group project to research and create a poster illustrating the life cycle of a star. You will have the weekend to begin research, design, and gathering of materials you’d like to use. The final class block will be spent finishing up research, assembling poster and presenting it.

The result of this project will include the poster, note cards (one set per group for presentation), a citation sheet (done to Gold Sheet specifications) with a list of sources used, individual evaluations, and a 3-5 minute oral presentation done by the group.

You will be placed into groups of 3 or 4 people to complete the project. One person will be the project manager with one or two researchers and a graphic designer. The division of labor is as follows:

Project Manager – makes sure the project comes together and that mini deadlines are met. Helps researchers and graphic designer when needed and contacts teacher with concerns and questions. Helps gather materials.

Researcher – uses Internet and other materials to gather information to use in poster and presentation. Works with group members to fact check poster and note cards. Writes up citations.

Graphic Designer – designs and constructs poster with help from group members.

DEADLINES: Posters, notecards, and citation sheets will be due at the end of the first 60 minutes of the final period.

Citation sheet – Following the Golden page format, cite at least 3 sources, other than your text, and give a sentence about how it was used or useful to you.

Presentations will begin in the final hour of the final period. Group evaluations will be due at the end of class on the day of your final. There is to be one group evaluation from each member of your group.


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