Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Biology- Cell Analogy 2011

You are to look at the internal structure and function of a cell and create an illustrated diagram, t-chart, web page, power point, story or other teacher approved project format that compares the cell and its’ organelles to an analogous system such as a school, a car, a factory or whatever; each of which have important smaller parts with important functions.

Your project needs to include each organelle listed below and its role in the cell and it will need an analogous system to the cell and each organelle.  Make sure you compare and explain the roles of each organelle and their analogous counterparts.

Ex: Cell = School, where the nucleus, which controls all cell functions, could be compared to the principal in the school.  If you use this example I will not give you higher than a 3 on #3 of the rubric.

Use the text book, Internet, notes and your brains

Grading (subjective rubric = score of 5-0 points based on my feelings about the quality and evident effort on the project and its’ parts)

Grade categories
  1. Cell organelles/structures and function
    1. Include:  cell membrane, cytoskeleton, nucleus, ribosome, endoplasmic reticulum, golgi apparatus, lysosomes, vacuole and mitochondria.  Bonus points: for doing a plant cell (cell wall and chloroplast) = 30pts; Include flagella or cilia = 15pts
       !!!No analogous structures = no Bonus Points!!!
  1. Analogous system with corresponding features for each organelle/structure and function
  2. Quality (color, creativity, attention to detail…)

Deadline Due Date:  Even period on Friday 12/02/2011

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