Monday, October 31, 2011

Earth science 10/31/2011

1)  1st and 5th:  Finish Dimensional  Analysis problems from ppt into notebook.

see pg 25 in your planner for conversion factors:
1.How much mass do you have in kilograms?  Round to the nearest hundredth.
2. For optimal health all Humans should drink between 1-2 quarts of water each day; How much water is this in  milliliters?
2) ALL classesRough Draft of Volume lab:  Q,H,T,M,DT + OJ
Volumetrics: practicing at measuring volume
Question:  Which of the measuring devices (400 mL plastic beaker, ___250___ mL glass beaker or a 100 mL Graduated .Cylinder.) will be most accurate?

Hypothesis:  Which device? and why?

Test:  Carefully fill 4 of the provided containers with water then measure that unknown volume of water using each of the measuring devices.  Then compare your results with the teacher’s.

Materials: 4 out of 9 #ed containers, water supply, paper towels, 400 mL plastic beaker, ______mL glass beaker and a 100 mL G.C.

Data Table:  complete the data table and record your collected data

Volume in mL for #___
Volume in mL for #___

Class Average for each device


Analysis:  Show work to calculate the averages

Conclusion: (Which device was most accurate?  Describe how/why you know this.  How do your numbers compare to the class? To the teachers?  What errors might have occurred?)

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