Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Biology Homework 8/23

Get Glencoe Biology text from Library and take home.  Read the Investigation and Experimentation introduction pages on pages xxviii-xLi ( They have reddish brown border and are found at the front of the book before the actual text begins.)  Take notes into your notebook.

Finish the Human Population Paragraph answers to the 4 prompts:
1.Should the size or growth rate of the worlds human population be curtailed to protect the global environment?  If so how?   If not what should be done to prevent catastrophic devastation?
2.Does society have the right to tell individuals how many children they can have?  If no, may population control be achieved by an appeal to conscience?
3.What form of coercion or appeal would make you reconsider your opinions on population growth?
4.  What are some concerns not covered in the reading?  Explain.

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