Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Biology HW Primate classification activity Analysis questions

Analysis and Conclusions
1. How is this investigation similar to the way in which biologists classify organisms?
2. Were either of your classification systems different from those developed by classmates? Why might this be possible?
3. What characteristics did you find most useful for classifying the primates?
4. What characteristics of the primates would not be especially useful for classifying them?
5. Why should terms like tall, short, large, or small be avoided when describing traits of organisms?
6. How does classification help you to better understand organisms?

Critical Thinking and Application
1. Trees are usually identified by the characteristics of their leaves. Suggest two ways in which trees could be identified during winter when they have no leaves.
2. Suppose you wanted to identify and classify all birds that came to a particular bird feeder during a spring day. What are some common characteristics you would use in classifying the birds?
3. Almost immediately after the invention of the microscope, taxonomists began to use it in their work. Why might a microscope be useful to a taxonomist?
4. Describe three ways in which pieces of clothing are classified in a department store.

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